Day Eight: Letters to the future

Dear future (short term and long term),

Please find below some questions that need immediate answer, in order for us, humans, to have it easier:

  1. Short term future,

Most of us woke up today, yesterday and the day before that, with the hope that something good was waiting for us at the end of the day. However, the closer the sleeping time was, the more we tried to postpone it. Afraid to live with the agony of something waiting for us and realizing that we just strengthened the routine of our lives.

Tell us, are our expectations for you too big, or is just your consideration for us too small? Every night, we fall asleep while reliving every moment of the day that went by and pre-living every moment of the next day, of you, the close future. Every morning we wake up hoping for the change and for our effort to work out, and when it doesn’t, we still find the strength within us to try harder. So tell us, should we stop trying or should we just wait for your sister, the long term future?

2. Long term future,

How long are you anyway? It takes us four years to finish college and find out what we want in life, or at least we hope so. For some of us, even after those four years, you are still unapproachable. We keep walking and walking after the goals that we set to ourselves and you just decide to  move even further away.

Actually, even when we reach you, you decide to take other forms and never stop growing. Is this your way of showing us that the Universe/God actually cares for us? Is this your way of not letting us give up? What about when you stop all of a sudden, is that your way of telling us that our efforts have been enough, and we finally deserve peace?

We thank you for your time, but we would appreciate it if you would make yourself a little more clear.



Best regards,



p.s. This is for those who read my blog. I have finally launched a website, and soon my posts will only be available there. I am still working on it, but here is the link: I would appreciate your comments 🙂


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Now you have me here wondering how long is the future 😂 Loved it!