Day Nine: From Non-Writing to Writing (working your way out of self-related blocks-the art of ME DAYS)

Today I “officially” launched my website , meaning that I shared it on social media and I finally decided to work seriously on my writing. Make sure to subscribe because soon I will only be posting there.

Getting to this point was not easy at all and sending my writing skills and opportunities where I want to is not easy either. I have known that I will choose a path that included writing in a way or another, but I put it second for a while believing that there are things more important. Nevertheless, I realized that despite your professional path in life you can always make room for people and also things you love. I have come up with a To Do List in regards to bettering your writing skills and working with yourself to fix the writers’ block (this list actually works with other self-related blocks too)

Firstly you need to take some time for yourself and have what I call “Me Days”- so days dedicated to you and nobody else. During this “Me Days” make sure to:

  1. Lay in bed thinking and procrastinating all day. Binge watch Netflix, Binge eat junk food, Binge gossip, Binge cry, Binge do anything that will make you take your mind out of the world and bring you to the point when you focus on you.
  2. After all of the binging period ends, get in front of a mirror, and start pointing out the things that you love and hate about yourself. (you don’t really need a mirror, you can think of them, but having the perception of a conversation helps even more) At the end, you will have it clear what you love doing- like writing for example-, what you to keep in your life, what you want to fix, what you want to change and so on.
  3. Make a To Do List (you don’t need to write it, but make sure to memorize your goals) and start slowly working towards them.
  4. Go out and have fun. Plan trips that you have always wanted to do, try weird food that you never had the courage to. Remember, you might have set your mind on some goals, but you are still on your Me Days. After doing things that you have always wanted to do you will realize that everything is in your mind and if you decide on something you have the ability to make it happen.
  5. Start creating healthy habits, one at a time, such as having breakfast, or running, or working out, or eating more salads and fewer pizzas. Start slowly and choose a healthy habit to work on. It will help you be more organized and start getting your life together.
  6. Give yourself assignments related to achieving your future goals (let this be Better Writer or even a Better Person).
  7. Although they might be Me Days, don’t forget that you are not who you are without people you love and people who care for you and love you too, so remember to show your appreciation to them to.
  8. By creating patterns of behavior turn every day into Me Days, and make something good for yourself and your peace of mind. Slowly start living the life you pictured yourself in while you were in front of that mirror.

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Cristina Tuttle

Excellent suggestions! I thoroughly liked the idea of “Me Days” and using that pattern formation as a way to develop good, every day habits.


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Evelyn, 🦋

Congratulations on your launch! I love “me days” because you create a space for yourself that will indelibly bless others. Your list is a wonderful a pattern for self care – I love it! My favorite is #4 – go out and have fun. Laughter, and filling your heart with goodness is an unparalleled experience. Seeing you wildly successful!! 💕 Xo, Evelyn, 🦋


Awesome tips 🙂 I love all these tips you put together, but when procrastination takes place, nothing else matter anymore 🙂 everything will be “later” atleast for me. And I agree that we should create a pattern later it will develope into a habbit without us having to forced ourselves in doing it.


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