Day One

I have been going through a rather difficult phase lately, and as I have done before (here), I am trying to use writing to get through it and have the will to achieve my goals. However, differently from other occasions when I have been inspired to write due to the negative events, at this point I am experiencing a writer’s block. I have found myself to be stuck in my overthinking and lack of duration for what comes next that I have failed to follow my own advice to myself: “Don’t take it slow girl”. Therefore I decided to do something about it. After I saw the movie Julie & Julia (with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams) and figured out that I am indeed very similar to the character of Julie who had to challenge herself in order to pursue her writing career, I decided that I, also, needed a challenge. Thanks to WordPress I have one (actually three).

I signed in to three free Word Press courses about blogging and this post is for the Everyday Inspiration, Learning the Fundamentals  and Branding and Growth DAY ONE assignments (whose questions I had previously answered in my About and Inner Exploration Pages, however, I will be mentioning them again):

I write to express myself and as I mentioned in the beginning to get through the tough phases in my life. I have had this blog for about two years, and despite that I have not been as active as I should have I have realized how much in common people have when it comes to their feelings. It is easier to grow past the dark moments of your life by expressing yourself, in one way or another, without harming the others of course.

Additionally, as I have mentioned in my January blog post, Frozen Lake, I am having an exchange semester in Finland. For these four months I have set some goals for my blog:

  1. Increase my followers by at least 30%.
  2. Post at least once a week in order to create a schedule and make blogging easier.
  3. Publish writings that I have already written.

So this is my DAY ONE of the 10 Day Challenge. Wish me luck!

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ᴇ ɴ ɪ ɢ ᴍ ᴀ

Good to see yo writing.
And all the best for the challenge. 😊

Dra Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD WMA FACS

Definitely, good luck!!! 🙂