Day Three: Abundant Regret (how to get rid of it)

It is only the third day (well to be honest is the fourth because it is almost 6 am in Finland), and I almost gave up on this challenge. However in today’s challenge I picked the word regret and abundance out of a list and now I will be explaining you how to get rid of the huge amount of the regretful feelings you are having (or at least try to ease them):

Today I woke up very tired, having had one of those nights when you keep dreaming of senseless situations that are so meaningful when you are experiencing them and so confusing when you wake up and try to figure out how, why, and what are you doing there, even though it’s your own bed. I spent a couple of minutes looking around my bedroom until everything started to make sense again and then I finally got up and decided to start the day.

I had this constant feeling of regret for certain decisions and things I have done and said not so long ago. Today more than ever I was having flashbacks of the lost friendships due to stupid reasons based on ego and pride, and  of missed opportunities based on bad timing and placing. I was having a constant emptiness in my stomach and a continuous ghostly pain in my chest. Despite all of these depressing feelings, that I have decided to blame the -not-getting-used-to-the-absence-of-sun-syndrome- for, I agreed with my roommate to invite some of the other exchange students over.

I am not one of those people who believes in drinking your depression away, but apparently I am one of those people who believe in laughing your depressive states of mind away. So next time you are feeling a little down and full of regret on something you did or didn’t do follow these simple steps:

  1. Talk to someone who understands you and is there for you.
  2. Take a deep breath- it is not the end of the world, everyone does mistakes. You just need to reflect on what you have done and try to make it better, but not tonight. If you act right away you will make everything worst. Apparently, time really knows what it is doing.
  3. Invite friends over- even if you are in a completely different place and you don’t know anyone. Invite the friendly neighbor next door, or the guy that helped you at the grocery store, or the cute girl that sat next to you in class (remind them to bring friends, drinks, but no food).
  4. Start joking around using the best possible way to joke around: Stereotypes (everybody hates them but everybody loves them, and they are a great icebreaker- just don’t get carried away too much)
  5. Play board games, drinking games, or invent your own game. This way everyone will be laughing and engaging. You will forget what is bothering you and have peace for a little.
  6. After midnight everyone will be hungry. Since no one brought food you will have to improvise. You might end up with burnt pancakes or flour on the floor, but you will get a great laugh of it and you will have made yourself some new friends, or created some great inside jokes with your old ones.
  7. At the end, you will all have to clean up together, and you won’t be feeling alone or regretful for an instant.
  8. After everyone leaves write your thoughts down, or lie on your bed and play in your head your happy moments (not from only this night).
  9. When you wake up there will be a new day and your problems will still be there, but at least you will see clearer. You will still have the emptiness in your stomach or the pain in your chest, but you will know that you don’t have to deal with everything on your own. You will know, that a messy kitchen is very painful to watch and rather tiring to clean, but with some help and a positive attitude sooner than later it will be as good as new.

Maybe tomorrow is frightening, and the idea of not being able to fix things makes sleeping at night rather hard but we made it so far, and there are people in the world who don’t have the privilege to make pancakes at all and they are still out there fighting for their survival. So turn the negative feelings into strength and never give up. The day when you wake up with no regrets might never come, but the day when you will wake up without being confused on how, why, or what is out there waiting for you to have the guts and reach it.



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