Day Two: "Be proud of you" LIST

Today’s challenge is to make a list of any sort. Many different kinds of lists came to my mind such as lists of things to do- goals, wishes, dares; lists of things I have learned; lists of books to read; lists of places one must visit and so on. However, I recalled something that my mom and my best friends always criticize me about- not giving much credit to myself. I always advise others who are going through bad phases in their lives to keep reminding themselves their best qualities and achievements, but I seem to forget doing that myself. Therefore, I am conducting a list of the things that I am proud of myself for:

  1. Being able to gain and maintain a scholarship to support my education.
  2. Being independent since 18 years old.
  3. Having maintained a high GPA as well as having participated in many extra-curricular activities while working as well.
  4. Winning a scholarship for a semester abroad.
  5. Finally having the guts to admit being wrong.
  6. Finally having the guts to admit to people what I really think of them and how something actually makes me feel.
  7. Having created a second family of friends made of amazing people and still have a very close relationship with my mother and brother.
  8. Knowing what I want and trying hard to get there.
  9. Not giving up on people and dreams no matter what.
  10. Being myself.

This was a rather long list and I hope you weren’t bored of it 🙂
Lot’s of love.

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